Director: Carla Simón

Production designer: Monica Bernuy

Production Company: Inicia Films & Avalon

Olot, 2016

Awards: Berlin International Film Festival- Best First Feature Award, Grand prix of the Generation KPlus International Jury

Buenos Aires Internations Festival of Independent Cinema- International Competition

Cinema Writers Circle Awards- Best Original Screenplay, Best new director.

Feroz Awards – Best Actor in a supoorting role, best director, best film, best screenplay.

Fotogramas de plata: Best spanish film

Gaudí Awards 2018- Best film in Catalan Language, best director, best screenplay, best actress in a supporting role, best film editing.

Goya Awards 2018- Best new director, best supporting actor, best new actress.

Istanbul International Film Festival- International competition

London Film Festival 2017- Honourable mention

Mumbai Film Festival- Golden Gateway Award

Malaga Spanish Film Festival- Best First Film Asecan Award, Dunia Ayaso Award, Feroz Puerta oscura Award, Golden Biznaga Best Spanish Film Award, Signis Award Best Film

National Board of Review (USA)- NBR Award- top five foreign Language Films

Odessa International Film Festival- Golden Luke International Competition

Premios Fenix – Best Screenplay

Sant Jordi Awards- Winner Best first work, best actor in a Spanish Film, Best actress in a spanish film

The platino Awards for iberoamerican Cinema- Best First work


Feature Film, Fiction