My name is Marta  and I was born in Barcelona. When I was a child I loved to visit my relatives' homes, most of them older people, that were full of small items and a mix of different furniture, crazy wallpaper or colorful tiles.

In my twenties I spent most of the time travelling around the world and living for a while in different countries, cities such as New York city, Los Angeles, Hanawa (Japan), København (Denmark), London. In those cities I learned different ways to live, to feel, to  look around. Those experiences gave me a lot of background to develop and design sets full of details.

Today I work as a production designer and set decorator in feature films. And for me every project is like a new trip. New place with its streets, its rules, its details. I can not imagine another way to be alive.



If you would like to talk about work please get in touch by:

Phone: +34 620 91 85 91



Directors I worked as Production Designer/Art Director

Anna R. Costa + Marcel Barrena + Alejandro Marín + Roger Gual + Clara Roquet + 

Belen Funes + Keith Bearden + Pol Rodríguez +  Jin Hyuk Sergi Portabella + 

No-domain + Pablo Olmos Alex Llopis + Joaquim Oristrell + Mireia Pujol Priego 


Directors I worked in their movies in Art Deparment

Olivier Assayas + Rodrigo Cortés + Iciar Bollain + Oriol Paulo + Colm McArthy + Carla Simón + 

Thierry Poraiud + Agustí Vilallonga + Michael Samuels + Yoo Dae Eol + Remy Cayuela + 

Tom Kuntz + James Gray + Jaume de la Iguana +  Mariano Vivanco + Mar Coll +

Roser Aguilar + J.A.Bayona + Alejandro González Iñarritu



Lectura fácil (preproduction)

Alcarrás (shooting)

Maricón perdido 

Meditérraneo (postproduction)

Los Espabilados 

Libertad (postproduction)

Wasp Network

Las del hockey

La hija de un ladrón

Durante la tormenta

El fotógrafo de Mauthausen

"Black Museum" s4 c6 Black Mirror

Amics per sempre


Pooreun Badaui Junsul

The State

Estiu 1993

Jo, Ramon Llull


Ein Sommer in Barcelona

El olivo

A monster's call


Sara a la fuga

Don't grow up

La maniobra de Heimlich

Carta a Eva

Chica's day

Menú degustación



Te quiero

Any Human Heart


Cuatro estaciones


Spanish movie

Tres dies amb la familia

Lo mejor de mí